Tianjin Yikuo Co., Ltd.
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Tianjin Yikuo Co., ltd is a group company, which includes 5 production lines. Cold rolling, galvanizing, prepainting, stainless steel, and Aluminum. With 20 years development, Yikuo not only keep updating our production facility but also culture a young and diversified team. Yikuo cares more about Clients interest, including product quality, payment terms, and also logistics service. Yikuo has built divisions in different countries, not for competing with our local distributors, just to provide a more responsive service. Whenever our goods arrive in the port, our staff will go and check the goods just in case of any error and make sure clients can have a good experience working with us. For payment safety, Yikuo collaborate with Alibaba, and determined to provide alibaba insurance guarantee payment terms. Any problem, we want to ensure our client interest first. For logistics part, we have a video quality checking procedure to ensure all the terms are satisfied. All the checking detail,we want to share with our client. All the document, form E, Certificate of origin, and embassy Invoice With all of these guarantee, Yikuo just want to do one thing, to make the deal easier. Welcome to visit us!
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व्यापार के प्रकार
निर्माता, व्यापारिक कंपनी
Tianjin, China
मुख्य उत्पादकुल कर्मचारी
501 - 1000 People
कुल वार्षिक राजस्व
Above US$100 Million
स्थापना वर्ष
उत्पाद प्रमाणन
मुख्य बाजार

उत्पाद क्षमता

फैक्टरी जानकारी

फैक्टरी का आकार
5,000-10,000 square meters
फैक्टरी का स्थान
Room 561 Financial and Commercial Building No.69 South of Jin Yong Highway Chagugang Town Wuqing District Tianjin
उत्पादन लाइनों की संख्या
Above 10
अनुबंध विनिर्माण
OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered
वार्षिक उत्पादन मूल्य
Above US$100 Million

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अनुसंधान एवं विकास

11 - 20 People